The Econergy THD3500 heat pump provides a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative to heating the water in your hot water cylinder.

Econergy heat pump water heaters are designed to cover the range of hot water needs of New Zealand homes. Each unit is easily connected to an existing hot water cylinder or Econergy heat pump ready cylinder via insulated water pipes and dual interconnect cables.


Model THD3500 heat pump water heater
Height 590mm
Width 750mm
Depth 300mm
Weight 48kg
Noise Rating 52 / dBa@1.5m
Min. Circuit Breaker Size 16amps
Rated Current RLA 4.0amps
Refrigerant R-134a
Min. Supply Pressure 50kPa
Max. Supply Pressure 1000kPa
Flow/Return Connections RP1/2/15 “/mm
Heat Output 3000W
Rated Input 930W
Recovery Rate 57L/hr
Efficiency (COP) 3.22W/W