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I wish to say a very big thank you to the receptionist and the technician I talked to this morning on behalf of my father Ray Lockwood. The problem turned out to be the ripple control device that Vector later fixed. Without your help and advice it could have cost dad money he didn’t need to spend. So thank you very much.

Suzanne, Auckland

Hi there

We recently had an Econergy Hot Water Heat Pump installed in our home (and corresponding Econergy hot water cylinder). Our last power bill was $120 less than average…VERY happy with our unit!

Kind Regards
Garth Rogers, Auckland

Dear Econergy,

We are very pleased with the unit. I compared the units of electricity used for hot water for the 12 months prior to installation with the units used in the 12 months after – a 62% reduction. I know you claim up to 75% reduction but this is Balclutha not Auckland and I think that is, on the whole still a pretty good reduction. There is only 2 times in the last 6 or so years when the unit has shut down because the outside temp has got below -4 to -5°C.

John Smart, Balclutha

Dear Econergy,

We thought we were being smart installing a solar PV array on the roof, but the savings from the Econergy heat pump water heater put that in the shade. We weren’t big power users, but the biggest component was our water heating which would have averaged at least $80 per month. The Econergy unit is on a timer and limited to just 4 hours per day to maximise the use of the free power in the middle of the day, so we are using less than 4kwh per day for our hot water – less than $1 per day even if we were paying for the power. A net return on our investment of around 20%. We can’t recommend your product highly enough.

Howard & Glenys Baker, Hauraki

Hi guys,

Just a quick email to tell you how the heat pump is working. To be honest I was very sceptical about your claims of 70% savings but have been blown away when we got our last power bill. Up until installing your system, our hot water account was never below $200 and usually around $250 a month as there are 7 of us in the house. Our last hot water power bill was $35 for the month which makes the initial outlay well worth it. I have no problem being contacted by anyone wanting confirmation of the above.

Thanks once again,
Wayne Hunter, Bay of Plenty

Hi Team,

After my power bill came in at $890, I decided to investigate ways to lower it. While my solar hot water system ensures I get low power bills in summer, it doesn’t help much in winter. With five people in the house, we use a lot of hot water for showers and our under-floor heating requirements. During winter, we typically use 100 kW a day and I dread getting the power bill as it was 0.10 cents a kW when we moved in ten years ago, and it’s now 0.27 cents a kW, thus resulting in large bills!

I am delighted to report that after installing the Econergy HP4000LT, our bill dropped immediately to $460, a welcome $430 saving, close to 10% of the cost of your solution in one month! I also liked that we used a no deposit loan from the Eco loan company, Prometheus to finance it over two years which made the investment decision a no brainer.

Thanks again, my bank balance loves it!
Tom Meijer, Hobsonville

Hi Guys,

We are greatly impressed with the savings achieved since installing one of your heat pumps, a 4000 model. Just the two of us at home on mains pressure 250-litre cylinder, the heat pump is all we use for our water heating and we haven’t had the element on for over a year now.

I have kept detailed information on the units used for a complete year and also relating it back to the year we did previously on the element. The details are as follows:

For the 12mths we have had the heat pump in operation it has used 620 units of power @26.8c a unit, that’s $166.16 for the year. The previous year the element used 2007 units = $537.87 per year

This is a saving of 69% all year round, I’m more than impressed!
Having been a plumber myself but now retired I can tell that the quality of the unit you are making is outstanding just by the workmanship visible inside the unit, attention to detail is obviously paramount to yourself and employees.

Keep up the great work on an outstanding product and the best of luck to you and your company.
Yours Sincerely,
Ken Purcell, KatiKati

Dear Econergy,

I had been coveting a Econergy heat pump unit since its inception as I saw it demonstrated at the 2008 home show. I did some homework and worked out how efficient this little machine was and also saw that there were other offerings overseas but their efficiency was nothing like the Econergy unit. I was also impressed with the build quality of the Econergy unit, this does mean it has a higher price than many other units, but you know it will last.

The quality of the parts is exceptional, you guys have done an excellent job of sourcing premium, long lasting parts. So, I wanted one. The problem was, I couldn’t at that time, afford one as there was no subsidy back then and I was broke from renovating a house. I then sold and moved to a new house and in my renovation plans I included the installation of an Econergy unit. I am incredibly pleased that I did! It’s like getting something for free, free energy! The only energy that the heat pump uses is the energy to run the pump, about the same as the energy required to run a fridge. And the unit steals energy from the air! It’s brilliant! I get a warm glow with every shower knowing that the majority of the energy I’m using to heat the water of my shower is borrowed from the air and not paid for.

My power bills dropped by $150 odd a month as we obviously use a lot of hot water. The little unit sits outside humming gently away heating my water. I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. I would heartily recommend the unit.

Malcolm Fletcher, New Windsor


We have loads more hot water than when we were on an element.  We have three showers in a row and we never run out of hot water.  In fact, we have to be careful because it is ripping hot.  This is all nice because it also knocks a big chunk out of our usual power bill!

Eric Pettyjohn, West Harbour

Dear Econergy,

We installed an Econergy heat pump water heater in our Auckland home on 27 July 2008 and since then our power savings have been consistently astounding. We enclose a spreadsheet which shows the savings month by month compared with ‘before Econergy.’

As you will see in 2007 we were trending up to $240-250 per month during winter and $160 during summer, but in 2009/10 our highest winter bill was $170 and in summer we got down to under $120. Altogether we add up a dollar saving of $1,118.28 since installation in spite of an increase in billing rate and feel we are making a significant contribution to reducing power usage in New Zealand.

As well as this, we find that the top feed/top draw off to the cylinder means water drawn off is hot till the last drop and ensures rapid recovery from cold. We would thoroughly recommend this unit.

Yours faithfully, D S Mansell, Royal Oak

Dear Econergy,

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I write this recommendation for the Econergy heat pump water heating system. Looking at my bills from Mercury energy which shows my electricity usage on the reverse indicates to me that since installation it has been cut by 40%.

Yes, that is correct. In my last 5 accounts, the usage appears to be only 60% of the comparative month last year. What more can I say other than thank you?

After a comparison with solar panels, it appears to be by far the least expensive option for installation as well. With solar panels, one needs to install a device that waits for the sun to rise, otherwise if you are like my family and have morning showers, the electricity starts heating the water and the panels only operate when least needed.

My wife and I are very satisfied with the end result and would have no hesitation in recommending the Econergy heat pump to anyone.
B Gidley, Papatoetoe

Dear Econergy,

Must say I’m very impressed with how well the system works and has done so from day one. I hear many stories from friends about issues with their solar hot water systems.
I took power readings the day it was installed, and hence have been able to compare use accurately. I think it is saving around $100/month which is huge – maybe some of this is the better heat insulation of the new cylinder.

W Miller, Bay of Plenty

Since installing my Econergy heat pump water heater one year ago I have been saving $57 per month on my power bill. The unit is very efficient and I have plenty of hot water for my family of seven in a five-bedroom home. Very pleased with this product and recommend it to any homeowner.

Pauline Leef, Manurewa

Our power bill came this week. $197!  In 8 years, I’ve never had a power bill starting with a ‘1’, it’s normally a ‘4’! It was a reading too, not an estimate. And that’s for the month gone, I wager it will get less over summer, so that’s fantastic!

D Hall, Onehunga

The Econergy heat pump water heater has performed faultlessly with a very good result. No sign of any cold temperature issues, although we have had some pretty cold weather and a couple of frosts.

M Ellis, Wainuiomata

Through winter, the heat pump water heater has produced copious quantities of hot water…more hot water than we have needed, even when visitors came on the weekends…please feel free to have prospective customers call for a reference!

D Read, Pt Wells