Top 5 Benefits of Econergy

1. Proven heat pump technology for continuous hot water and maximum efficiency

Econergy heat pump water heaters are the latest innovation in home water heating. Using proven heat pump water heater technology, the Econergy water heater transfers energy from the surrounding air to heat your homes hot water at a fraction of the cost of an electric element. Our customers are enjoying savings of up to 75%* for this form of solar water heating.

2. Future proof your home against rising energy costs

Electricity is becoming more and more expensive. The best option to reduce household costs is to become more efficient and use less energy which is exactly what the Econergy heat pump water heater system does.

3. Get usable hot water faster

Unlike conventional gas or hot water cylinders, the Econergy heat pump water heater uses innovative new technology to heat the tank from the top down. Econergy revolutionary top down heating technology provides you with continuous hot water faster from a cold tank. There’s no need to wait hours until you get usable hot water.

4. Built for New Zealand conditions

Econergy heat pump water heaters are New Zealand designed and built specific for our house designs and weather conditions to give you the best possible performance. The product comes with a guaranteed minimum 6-year performance warranty at a minimum 66% savings level, fully supported by our New Zealand manufacturing facility and our authorised installers.

5. Compare with a solar water heater

Quote from EECA Energywise

“Heat pump water heaters are another product on the market and are a form of indirect solar water heating. The sun heats the air around your home each day, and a heat pump water heater shifts some of this heat from the outside air into you hot water. They generally work as well, if not better than solar water heaters, supplying on average $3 of hot water for every $1 of electricity they use.

Heat pump water heaters are also effective in situations where solar water heating is not suitable, such as: houses that don’t get direct sun during the day, or a house where it would be particularly expensive to install a solar hot water system.”

6. Retrofit or new construction

The Econergy heat pump water heater is an easy retrofit to your existing hot water cylinder or is installed by preference as part of a renovation or building project. If you’re building or renovating or just want to reduce your power bills be sure to ask for Econergy.


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* HP4000LT, 73.8% annual savings compared with electric hot water cylinder, Zone 5, Project Solar AS/NZS 5125/423.