The Econergy heat pump was developed with technology patented in 2008 that allowed hot water to be delivered to the top of a hot water cylinder more reliably and economically. The patented technology involved a precise control arrangement that also provided greater efficiency than any other heat pump on the market.

At the time most other water heating heat pumps on the New Zealand market were imported and designed for a different (mainly Australian) climate and combined outdoor hot water cylinders. The New Zealand manufactured Econergy water heating heat pump over came the climatic differences and offered a solution for both indoor or outdoor hot water cylinders.

The Econergy heat pump has another distinct advantage because it can be retrofitted to existing hot water cylinders. This means not only can people save on energy bills because of the considerably lower running cost, they don’t have to spend extra cash on a new hot water cylinder. Nor are they restrained by the cumbersome size of a large unit that contains both heat pump and hot water cylinder.  The smaller separate Econergy heat pump provides much greater flexibility for placement.

In 2017 we, Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd, an  Auckland water heating heat pump manufacturer, were able to acquire the brand and patented heat pump technology. We recognised the innovation and potential offered by Econergy. Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd have been designing, manufacturing and servicing water heating heat pumps for over 35 years. Moving into the future we will contribute our superior service to the brand and also plan to further develop the technology.